Our Services

Custom Trailers

No matter your need, we have the solution. At Rogue, our team of engineers and highly talented craftsman work together to build and manufacture high quality horse trailers. Every horse trailer is built to meet your specific needs. Available in multiple widths, lengths, heights and multiple hauling styles, from slant and straight load models, and box stalls, Rogue Trailers are customized for your particular needs.

Rogue Trailers have quality construction and features not found anywhere else. Our trailers are designed by horse people and it shows in the safety, convenience, and innovative design in each trailer.

Our trailers are built from the ground up on location in the USA, with the toughest materials to endure the heavy duty use a horse trailer endures. Once inside a Rogue Trailer, you will notice the comforting interior, excellent fit and finish!

Contact us to learn more about our most popular trailer options and discuss your trailer needs. (650) 799-0033

Horse Trailer Restorations

We restore horse trailers from inside and out, including the wiring, paint, body, woodwork, wheels, tires, brakes, metal fabrication, video cameras, axles and more! We can customize, modernize, polish, restore, refurbish and service all types of horse trailers. We provide superior artistry without compromising the quality of service performed. Rogue Restorations abides by all RV and highway safety codes and regulations.

Our expert restorations are critical to ensuring you will enjoy many more miles of safe and easy towing with your horse trailer.

Sales Consultations

Rogue Restorations & Custom Builds would like to help you build your dream trailer. With over 20 years of hauling some of the worlds most elite horses, Rick knows how to design a trailer from a comfort aspect as well as safety. If you are not sure how you would like the lay out of your trailer, Rick will work directly with you on a lay out plan for all ideal sceneruios when it comes to hauling your horse and equipment whether it's a short ride to the vet clinic or accross the county.